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in the footsteps of Harry Potter in Oxford

Posted by on November 4, 2009

10. Oktober 2009
Getting up early mornign… wasn’t too great… The train ride took about 1 1/2 hours. At the trainstation in Oxford Melvin, Achim and I had to wait a little while and then we just started walking into town to meet the others who already arrived with the bus. That was a little adventure but in the end we finally found each other (cost a few minutes on our cellphones =D ) and then we directly climbed up some tower.
That was the second challenge for the day since I’m totally scared of hights and the stairs were see-through… AAAH!!! But I made it and the view was exceptionally great… Have a look yourself:

Afterwards we went into one of the many uni campus of Oxford which are all over the town. We went to Christchurch. A few scenes of Harry Potter got shot there and the building was beautiful 🙂

Then we always lost each other all the time… Sometime it was the Asians, the Singaporeans and then a group of Melvin, Achim and me. The Asians always stayed everywhere forever until they kept walking… Weekee and Yongjian went to some museum without anybody noticing^^ – and Achim, Melvin and me were looking for the old library which was empty. At least all the buildings were still alive even though damn old :o) Everywhere in Oxford are great old buildings even thought they don’t seem all in use…
In the evening we went back to London and directly joining the others at the Ale Trail =D

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