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and sickness stroke back again…

Posted by on December 2, 2009

Just letting you know I’m still alive but got sick again. This weather in London is killing me.. honestly! Can’t wait to be back home.. either one has better weather than it has here… Where does all this rain come from??? I don’t even dare to go out any more… And those few times I actually did go out rain surprised me and now I have a cold again. Darn…

Additionally I’m very busy with coursework.. My plan is to be done with everything by the end of Sunday so I’ll have a relaxing last week at uni apart form the Performing Arts quiz on Tuesday. Don’t think I’ll succeed but let me believe in it at least until Sunday evening… =D

It’s weird that I’m going to be home exactly now in 14 days time. Home sweet home. Haven’t been there for soooo long.

Today I bought the first christmas present… Should start thinking about the other ones since christmas is only 22 days away!!! This is the first year I don’t have an advent calendar 🙁 Very sad. And I’m not going to have a Nikolaus on 6th December either. Even more sad. 🙁 At least I’m going to be home for christmas so I’ll stop complaining now…! haha 🙂

Don’t worry, I’m taking care of myself ;o) Still got loads of green tea..! :o)

One Response to and sickness stroke back again…

  1. Anonymous

    Hallo mein Schatz,
    Dein Adventskalender wartet schon Zuhause auf Dich und da der Nikolausi noch vom letztem Jahr auf dem Klavier steht, dachte ich, noch einen brauchst du nicht.Es sei denn, Du möchtest eine Sammlung aufmachen!;-))
    Wir feuen uns schon auf Dich.

    Bis bald Mama

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