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my last days in LDN

Posted by on December 28, 2009

I left London on 16th of December by train. I was very lucky.

Just a few days later trains got stuck in the tunnel between UK and France because of the unexpected snow and the passengers had to walk out by themselves. I wouldn’t have been able to, had too much luggage! As a friend described it: I looked like a turtle with all my bags =D

Before I left there were still a few last great experiences worth mentioning…
Friday 10th was the last official day of uni so we all decided to do one last final Ale Trail: the Camden Tour. I finally managed to get my two T-Shirts but surprisingly it wasn’t the inner circle to get drunk as always but all the others.. hehe fun to watch for once!
On Saturday 11th I went to Camden Market to do some first and last Christmas shopping and I found quite a lot of nice things! On my way there on the tube I was already wondering why so many people were dressed up as a  Santa Clause, well I figured there must be some Christmas party… When I got in front of the Camden Lock I found about 50 of these dressed up people gathering together but I still didn’t expect what would happen next… These (by then) hundreds of Santa Clauses flooded Camden Market and I found myself in my first Flash Mob 🙂
In the afternoon I met Marlene at Starbucks and she accompanied me to the London Ink Tattoo Studio where I then got my first and long wished for tattoo!!! Chinese words down the spine of my back (resepct, truth, faith, strength, hope, love & trust: the most important things in life for me). I’m sooo soooo happy! It looks awesome and is very thin and detailed, the tattooer did an awesome job! Even my parents and my grandma (!!) think it’s nice.. LOL..
Sunday morning Marlene, Lisa, Melvin and me went to the Brick Lane market and to the Vintage market. Vintage is definitely nothing for me, but it was fun walking around the former Brewery crowded with people and all kinds of things to buy.. 🙂
On Monday we met a lot of exchange students and it was the first time we cooked together 🙂 it was an awesome evening, I wish we had done that earlier… After the cooking and pre-drinking we went to Fabric… It’s an impressive building with great music but very young audience. Unfortunately the music was too loud for me so I had to leave early… 🙁
On the last evening on Tuesday I was out with my three girls Izzy, Marlene and Sabrina. First we went to Abbey Road searching the famous zebra crossing where the Beatles crossed the street on one of their album covers… The road is freaking long so we didn’t find it but we made pictures with the street signs! hehe…
After that we had our last dinner together at the Hard Rock Café.
I’m glad I’m home. I get rest and can reload my batteries but I really miss those times we had in London. We will never be together at one place again and it makes me sad. I miss these great people from all over the world I got to know over this short time and I’m really looking forward to meeting some again in Singapore in February and in March Izzy and Sabrina plan to visit Marlene, Stefan and me in Frankfurt.
And then it is Party Hardcore, Gang Bangkok Tail, Drink more – faster! again!!!!! YAY! <3
Maybe I find peace with Jägermeister until then as well… ^^

2 Responses to my last days in LDN

  1. Anonymous

    Your last sentence to this article says it all…Jaegermeister…..Hahahahaha GOOD TIMES…was thinking about that the other day…what a night what a night..I'm already looking forward to seeing you guys in March and for sure multiple times after that 🙂
    XXX <3

  2. Julia

    yes, this epic night and so many others… I will never forget them and also looking forward to loads more in the coming year in NL & GER! 🙂

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