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one crazy day in London…

Posted by on January 25, 2010

Last Wednesday I had my one and only exam at CASS in London so I flew there just for the sake of writing this stupid thing. I drove to Hahn to fly over to London with Ryan air (which cost me only 12 Euro =D ) and I left my car there over the night. Usually I took the train from Stansted Airport to London but this guy at Hahn Airport told me the bus would be just as fast as the train and cost me only half. No need to say I chose to go by bus 😉

Well, I arrived in London at about half past 1 at Mattis place. He stays in the halls from CASS and it happened that one of the rooms in his flat just got free that day so I could sleep in there.

This meant I spent my first and probably one and only night in student halls in my whole life =D There are four rooms for four students in this flat and the rooms are right next to each other, only a very thin wall in between. How thin i found out during the night at around 4am when one of the girls had a guy over and they kept arguing about stupid things all night…. yay…….!

Well, I got up the next morning for some more studying, had lunch with Melvin at the cafeteria and then I went for the exam. First they told me I could not use my calculator.. I was like WTF?!?!? no one ever bothered to tell me that u had to have a special kind of calculator…!!! They were so kind and offered me I could BUY one outside at the cafeteria while the others were starting their exams… OF COURSE!!! I told them I don’t have the money and that it’s my only exam since I’m an exchange student… Eventually they lent me one of their calculators and throughout the exam I found out I didn’t even need the calculator… LOL!!! It was really easy and all the complaining was so senseless! The 40% pass mark I should have reached definitely 🙂

After the exam I went to get my bus to the airport again and guess what… I got lost at King’s Cross station!!! hahaha… I’m still laughing my ass off when I think about it… I just took the wrong direction so I walked around the whole big train station… One big circle… Meaning I had to get out of the tube area and back in at some other place, so paying twice.. hahahhaa… funny experience because there was absolutely nothing to see anywhere down there :X

Then it was time to leave London again after not even 24 hours and I arrived back home in Germany at around half past 12 midnight… haha….


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