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back to the bubbles!!!

Posted by on March 13, 2010

Since I was able to postpone my flight for one day I was going to spend my last weekend in Singapore in Malaysia, Pulau Tioman, for my Advanced Open Water with Deep Blue Scuba. I already did my Open Water last year in Tioman and I was looking forward to the delicious Bom at the coffeeshop at the pier.

We started with the bus at around 7pm just like last year and arrived with the jetty at Tioman after midnight. We had a quick supper before we went to bed to be ready for the dives the next morning. 
I was sharing a room with Joy and Linda and it took us ages to find it! It was hidden in a maze of ways and little houses on some kind of hill behind the houses you could see from the alley.
Rise and shine the next early morning… I would FINALLY go diving again!!! YAY!!!!
My buddy was Yu Jin and then there were two other Advanced students, so we were a rather small group which I liked. 
It’s been half a year since my last dive so I was a little scared I forgot everything like how to set up the equipment etc. but gladly everything was alright 🙂 I was dying to get into the water!!!!
The dives were just awesome, this time I saw loads of black and white tip sharks, Sunday morning they even swam only about 2-3 metres away from me. Then there was this huge 1 mtr long cuttlefish and a few turtles and things I don’t know how to name..hehe… I guess it’s time to have another look in my book with all the underwater animals 🙂
Unfortunatley I wasn’t able to work on my buoyancy as the course would have wanted me to because my BCD was broken and kept inflating itself… So there I was with an extra weight to keep down longer and always one hand ready to deflate the BCD every 5 minutes… After I found out why I kept going up I was fine with doing this (even though it was really frustrating to not be able to be buoyant AT ALL!!!) but that took me like 2 dives…^^ I felt so stupid that I kept going up again and again and I couldn’t do anything against it… even finning upside down didn’t help so thank god it wasn’t my fault but the stupid BCD’s….!
Another lesson learnt: rent equipment sucks…. =P
As soon as I will be able to dive more frequently I’ll look for getting my own stuff step by step. For now I only have my mask and snorkel.
All in all it was a great weekend just like every other dive weekend I had before. I can look back on awesome dives with great company and when I got back Sunday evening I only wanted to go to bed and sleep the tiredness away…
Unfortunately again I wasn’t able to do my last dive on Sunday, it was hard to equalize on the morning dive and after coming up my ear started to hurt like shit just like in summer at Dayang when I had the reverse block. The pain was gone by the next day but the ears still felt kinda weird and since I flew back to Germany right the next day the pain came back when I landed in Frankfurt because of the pressure changes again… So first thing I did back home: go to see a doc who told me I can do nothing but wait for the bruise in my ear to go away… yay… I hear everything through a big big wall and additionally I got the worse cold I ever had.
So now I have to be careful when diving that it doesn’t happen again, the pain is unbareable….! but nevertheless when I think about the weekend the last thing I think about is the pain in my ear 🙂
Cannot wait until I’ll finally be able to dive again……..

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