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diving cold German waters….

Posted by on April 5, 2010

Already the moment I was back in Germany I missed diving like hell since I thought I wouldn’t be able to go for at least 4 months. After 2 weeks I realized google isn’t there just for fun but to find out anything you want! So I googled for divers in my home town Rüsselsheim and the amount of hits was incredible… There were at least 3 dive groups in my little tiny town!!!! I wrote to two of them, one replied but when I went to see them to have a talk they were kinda unfriendly as if I was stealing their time so I thought: before I go diving with you guys I better don’t!!!

Lucky me also found a great dive center in Mainz called Seekuh (Dugong) and I went to their shop last week Saturday and actually spent full 3 hours there! The owner is a very nice and friendly guy who took all the time needed to talk with me about everything I wanted to know. In the end I decided to do an update in the pool with one of their DMs and afterwards go diving in the lake on Easter Monday. Since they don’t rent the fins and boots due to hygienic reasons I bought some as well but unfortunately my fins still haven’t arrived… 
My update was last week Tuesday in the Taubertsbergbad near Mainz Hauptbahnhof and I did the most important exercises like mask clearing and buoyancy again. There I was already in great company and I knew diving with this dive center would mean a lot of fun 🙂
Now I just got back from my dive at Untergrombach, a lake further south than Mannheim. We arrived there and I was already shivering from the cold wind – it was about 10° outside – and I got kinda scared of the cold water… I fought myself into that 7mm wet suit and the ice west in which I was hardly able to move myself and then we walked to the lake.
After I entered the lake I could already feel how the 4° cold water was floating in the wet suit but after a few minutes I got numb and didn’t feel it any more. Time to put on the fins and dive!!!…
There wasn’t very much to see like in the South East Asian sea, only a few mussels, fallen trees and stones covered in moss and mudd but nevertheless I enjoyed. I guess I just love diving no matter where I am and how cold the water is =D
Unfortunately we didn’t see any fishes, probably all the divers scared them away because a day earlier when there weren’t so many some divers saw a huge fish ^^
The dive didn’t take very long, after 19 minutes I started to not feel my fingertips and toes any more so I told my buddy to go back. It took me at least half an hour before I could feel my toes again completly!!!
This week I’m gonna wait for my fins to arrive and then I will definitely try them out in the pool first. Maybe already this week, I hope I’m not too packed with studying… We’ll see!
I hope u guys also enjoyed Easter break as much as I did, tmr it’s back to life!

2 Responses to diving cold German waters….

  1. KellyNg

    Freezing!~ I can't imagine how it is like diving in such cold water. Where are you in Germany? I'm going to Berlin and Munich in June.

  2. Julia

    hehe "freezing" describes it pretty much 🙂 but it's a great experience and totally different from diving in Malaysia!

    I'm near Frankfurt but let me know when u go Munich? Maybe we can meet up there, would be awesome! Berlin is a little too far away…^^

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