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Thomas’ House Warming Party

Posted by on April 11, 2010

Yesterday my good friend Thomas gave a house warming party because he just moved in to another apartment with his girfriend a few weeks ago.
It was a very fun evening: some were having BBQ on the balcony, others found out they passionately love giraffes, there was a little fight for the pillows and blankets to sit on, I discovered the radio channel RPR1 isn’t as bad as it was in my youth when only my grandma listened to it, we played a game in which u have to guess who you are which is written on a post-it posted onto your forehead and you’re only allowed to ask questions that can be answered with “yes” or “no” and my dear friend Markus let me be an old retired man we fondly call Chuck Norris due to the fact that he seems to know and is able to do everything or Robinson Crusoe due to his looks, and just before everyone left I introduced to them the game “werewolf” I learned from friends in Singapore. Some guests told me they played this game in primary school… =D Nevertheless it wasn’t that easy to explain and play it… I believe alcohol could be blamed… 🙂

Today is Sunday and my only “weekend-day” this week but how am I gonna spend it? Studying… sigh… I desperately need a vacation… Hannover & Heidelberg… I can’t wait to get outta here!!!!!

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