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steep face diving

Posted by on August 1, 2010

Last weekend I went diving at the Bodensee with the Seekuh divers 🙂

I finally found some time to go through the photos and post them! I still have no underwater camera (and am not planning on getting one any soon) so only surface shots from the Bodensee!
Me and Franziska went there with the Seekuh bus and the owners of the dive center. Since they got married on 23rd we had a stop at the parents’ place on our way and had some AWESOME cake 🙂 We arrived rather late (all the others already built up their tents and got ready for the night dive). I also wanted to join for the night dive but in the end I didn’t go because I didn’t know the dive site yet. Wanted to go the following day but ended up not going again because I didn’t feel very well…
I did my deep diver specialty on Saturday together with another diver and we were leading the last dive to show the instructor that we would follow the deep stop and the safety stop ourselves. After those deep dives I decided I REALLY have to get my own dive computer because those of the dive center don’t show what I want my computer to show (additionally I don’t know how to use them anyways since the buttons are sort of weird…). I’m thinking of getting the Suunto D4 for Christmas. 🙂
On Sunday I went for more dives with Karin, oh I just love diving at the steep face! It was really nice to see something different from the Rheinauer lake (where I saw big and actually quite “colourful” fishes for the first time yesterday! ) and I wouldn’t have minded to stay longer… or go there more often…
I have also finished my Barakuda rescue diver last Wednesday and am thinking of going for DM this fall but not 100% sure about that yet since I probably won’t be able to finish it before I leave for Singapore next year! Doing it in two different locations… hmm… 
btw this was the dive schedule by our doc… he posted it on facebook to make fun of one of our divers who is rather relaxing and another diver actually printed it out and hang it up on our campsite! 
just in case: no one sticked to it 😉

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