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I’m German, ain’t I?

Posted by on September 5, 2010

I devoted this whole weekend including Friday and Monday to my Bachelor Thesis.
On Friday I went to the old and to the new library at the Goethe university but they had absolutely no book I was looking for – even though my professor told me their library would be much better than that of our uni. Since there were no books for me I enjoyed the sights of the new campus at Westend, I totally fell in love with this university!
It had big meadows, huge and many buildings, halls, a big, cheap AND GOOD canteen, funny elevators (paternosters), a beer garden (where they watched the world cup games), a.s.o. …
In my next life I’m going to have a real student life… I’ll live on campus with loads of other students, have student parties, study on the meadow, … ^^

After that I went to my own university’s library and I found so many books I wanna read for research, I wasn’t able to take them all with me.
While reading these books I learned a lot about myself actually. My thesis is about intercultural competences (at least part of it) and so I learned that I’m not very German.
I finally found out why I feel so much more comfortable in Singapore and Asia in general, according to books. It’s not as if I didn’t know before but I never looked at it from such a cultural angle yet.
It’s very interesting how it seems to be possible to categorize countries according to characteristics of their cultures.
My thesis assumes a definite form… slowly but steadily! 🙂

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