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Christmas Market at Göttingen

Posted by on December 10, 2010

Why wait for the Christmas Market back home to start this weekend on 12th December when being able to go to Göttingen for it end of November already?

Actually, the Christmas Market was the only remarkable thing in Göttingen, and not even that was very big or so good that one has to recommend going there. The main people at the market were young teenagers for pre-drinking, Göttingen seemed like a city with a lot of kids and students!

Nevertheless, I enjoyed my first Christmas Market, my first Bratwurst, my first Glühwein (mulled wine, a German special drink during Christmas / winter time), …

I also had my first African meat in Göttingent! While looking desperately for a place to have dinner because the market closed half past 8 pm already, we only found a free table at an African restaurant. So there we sat and I had my first Crocodile, Ostrich, Springbok and Zebra meat.
I’m still surprised I ate it since I’m very picky with food in general, and especially when it comes to exotic things. It wasn’t that bad, though! The Zebra meat I liked best, the Springbok was not very tasty and good to bite.
Won’t be something I’ll do again so soon, but a nice and spontaneous “adventure”. 🙂

10 Responses to Christmas Market at Göttingen

  1. Kuen Keat

    I am not feeling Christmas yet :(. I'm suppose to have a mask party but i felt that the time is too short to organize one this time, guess it will have to come next year lol.

  2. Julia

    🙁 Isn't Singapore decorated with Christmas stuff long ago?
    I only started feeling Christmas when I went to the market, hearing all the Christmas songs.. 🙂
    What's that mask party? Everyone has to dress up?

  3. Kuen Keat

    I think it is, i haven't been to Orchard yet! Yeah, like a masquerade party :))

    Christmas is always my favourite holiday, right from mid November i already feel excited over it. Chinese New Year used to be good but not anymore 🙁

  4. Julia

    why that? I really loved Chinese New Year, this year was my first and I'm quite sad I won't experience it next year…
    But I think Christmas is also my favorite holiday, love to spend that time with family 🙂

  5. Kuen Keat

    Maybe for me it isn't all that great after i moved to a much smaller house, i can't find the same feeling.

    Did you spend Chinese New Year in Singapore?

  6. Julia

    Hm, I got that feeling with all the decorations starting and shopping for food, … 🙂
    Yes, last year I spent my first Chinese New Year in Singapore – awesome and unique experience!

  7. Kuen Keat

    I think Singapore CNY is still minor compared to China. Somehow the festive season here is kinda commercialized.

  8. Soh Hong Wei

    Merry Christmas, Julie! =)

    Too bad, there's no snow in Singapore.. haha!

  9. Julia

    Thank you Hong Wei! 🙂
    You also have a Merry Christmas!

    Trust me – if you were here you would curse the snow 😀

  10. Kate

    Glad you enjoyed your Christmas market! The pictures are great!
    Christmas Myths and Facts
    Find out if you can tell between truth and myth about Christmas!

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