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Tutankhamun, Hatshepsut, Ramses, …

Posted by on December 31, 2010

3.5 days in Luxor 🙂

Finally we were able to wear our summer clothes we packed for this holiday and get a tiny little bit of sun tan!
This is our taxi that drove us from the airport to our hotel (yes, it drove!) :

Luxor is a very small city, it’s almost possible to walk everywhere on East Bank – taking into account that all Egyptians try to sell you their stuff along the way or telling you how beautiful (woman) or lucky (man) you are.

Our Hotel was near the Luxor Temple and so our first exploration lead us right there. It’s a long temple and I believe we were kind of lucky to not have been there in a tourist season, although the temple was quite full of people already. The most interesting thing about this temple were the Christian drawings on top of some Egyptian drawings on one wall, which seemed totally displaced. After a while all Egyptian drawings look rather the same but those Christian drawings were rather disturbing. We went there late in the afternoon and so we were able to catch a beautiful sunset while being still in the temple. 🙂

We went for dinner to the Jewel of the Nile, which is a small and cosy restaurant, run by Laura, a British woman. She’s lovely and makes this place what it is. She has travel recommendations in her menu, the food was quite good, not expensive at all and the service was the best from all Egypt. Definitely worth a visit when in Luxor, even though it’s a bit harder to find!

The second day we went to the Karnak Temple. Again, a lot of broken stones, statues without noses or heads, drawings on the walls, and a sacred lake at one end. The many columns were very impressive, though.

After that our driver drove us to the Ramesseum, with more columns and a part of a once huge colossus but now only head to shoulders were left.

The last stop for the day was the temple of Hatshepsut (a female emperor in Egypt) which looked awesome from far away, but inside was nothing much to see as the temple itself was closed to go in for visitors. The view over Luxor was stunning, again we were there around sunset time and saw some nice light changes in the valley.

The third and last day we went to the Valley of the Kings. My friend recommended to go there by donkey, but there were no donkeys and the walks were so short that I wonder for what he needed a donkey there. 🙂
The tombs were impressive, but very small. We saw the dead Tutankhamun, all black and with all his teeth, but with one entrance pass you can see only 3 tombs and for Tutankhamun and some other tomb you have to pay extra, which is about as much as you pay for those other 3 tombs together. Since I got diarrhea from the hotel room service during our stay in the Valley of the Kings, I don’t have such nice memories about it left… ^^ All I wanted was to get out to a bathroom, hehe!

So here’s a tip for traveling to Egypt: do never drink tab water, not even for brushing your teeth. Always use the sealed bottles of water. For food, I can recommend the restaurants we found on online websites like trip advisor, they were all really good. I would not have room service again, though…

All in all, this was an amazing holiday week in Egypt and a great way to end 2010.
Who knows where I will be traveling and living in 2011? I’m excited to find out…

Happy New Year everyone! 
All the best in the coming year 🙂

2 Responses to Tutankhamun, Hatshepsut, Ramses, …

  1. Soh Hong Wei

    Nice photos!
    Happy New Year, Julia~ =)

  2. Kuen Keat

    Happy New Year Julia!!!!

    Very nice pics. You know ya beginning to look like Lara Croft to me 😛

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