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Dim Sum in Frankfurt?!

Posted by on January 12, 2011

Today, I was having lunch with my friend Nina. She took me to coa, an Asian restaurant in Schillerstraße 4 in Frankfurt near the stock exchange. She goes there quite often and was surprised I had never heard of it – it is a little farther from my work place than hers.

It has a nice selection of Asian food and this year they have specials of different Asian countries, changing every 2 months. So in January and February it’s special food from China.
I didn’t really care much about what was all on the menu after I read that they had dim sum! I’ve had dim sum twice in my life so far. The first time was after partying into my 22nd birthday last year in Singapore and the second time was in a restaurant in Hong Kong. I love those different kind of dumplings and other things I do not remember the names of.

So far I have not come across a Chinese restaurant serving dim sum in Germany and so I was more than happy to be able to eat it again 🙂 I chose the selection of having 2 dumplings of 4 different kinds – unfortunately they only have different kind of dumplings as dim sum…

I wish I knew this restaurant before – I will definitely go back again soon! 🙂

So now I was thinking if there maybe is a restaurant in Frankfurt serving “real” dim sum?
If anyone knows – I’m more than happy for suggestions 🙂

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