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Rain and Flood

Posted by on January 15, 2011

Rain and flood everywhere in the world at the moment.

I was shocked seeing the photos and videos and reading the stories behind the flood happening in Australia. Friends lived in Brisbane only a year ago for their semester abroad. This seems so unreal what is going on.

People losing their homes, people losing their loved family members and friends, people just losing everything they possess. They will have to start their lives anew and I’m affected by the strong will and determination the Aussies have, starting to clean up everything although it is not even close to being over yet.

What touched me most was this story about a boy who’s afraid of water and unable to swim, choosing to lose his life but have his little brother being rescued. A true hero.

Having flood being so related to Australia I had trouble realizing and believing that a flood is now in Frankfurt, too. It is not like the flood in Australia, not even close, but the Main is rising almost 5 meters and that is already a big number.

Having trouble believing this I went to see this flood at the Eiserner Steg with my own eyes. I have never seen a flood before and I was very shocked, not really understanding how something like this is possible. The area is closed for pedestrians now, firemen watching out after curious people like me coming by to have a look and take a photo.

I’m feeling very sorry for the people in Australia and I’m wishing only for the best possible outcome and that it’s not getting worse again. I hope they all have the strength and stick together through this catastrophe.

(Frankfurt Eiserner Steg)

4 Responses to Rain and Flood

  1. Kuen

    It's kinda unbelievable too, near the place where i used to stayed were blooded badly. My friend said city were dead and food were gone in the supermarket.

    Is your are flooded badly too?

  2. Julia

    No thank god it's not even close to being that bad. Just the streets besides the river are under water and the surrounding areas have been protected with sandbags piled to keep the water away.
    I guess it's more of an "attraction" than a severe problem for most people in Frankfurt whereas in Australia it's life threatening.

  3. Traveller

    This is a subject really close to my heart – a lot of my friends and family are in Brisbane. Thanks for your lovely post. Thanks also for your comment on my blog! Lovely to meet you 🙂

  4. Soh Hong Wei

    To people in Australia, be strong and take care!

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