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Let’s add some bubbles to the tea!

Posted by on April 3, 2011

A while ago I was in Berlin for a weekend and I got introduced to Bubble Tea. I had never heard of it before but was very curious to find out what it actually was. Apparently this is something very common in the US, whereas here people don’t really know about it.

The shop in Berlin Mitte seemed very new, the woman in there explained the whole concept to everyone coming in. 
I got a cold almond bubble tea, but I cannot remember the flavor of the bubbles. 
When you choose your bubble tea, you get to choose the flavor of the drink as well as the flavor of the bubbles. Also, there’s the choice between a cold or a hot bubble tea.
So basically it tasted like an almond milk shake but then every now and then you got some “bubbles” through the straw as well 🙂 They had a very flabby consistence but it tasted really good. 
Just today I passed a Bubble Tea shop in Frankfurt near the main train station in the tram, I plan on checking it out because I really liked this very different experience of drinking “tea”. 🙂

3 Responses to Let’s add some bubbles to the tea!

  1. Kuen

    It's all over the place here! haha But yeah it is nice 🙂 and i especially like those with milk. Actually, we call it pearl tea here now, but i think few years back it's call bubble tea too, kinda confusing.

  2. *Julia

    haha, somehow I never stumbled over it! blind me… 🙂
    pearls or bubbles, that stuff is awesome!!!

  3. Soh Hong Wei

    Hi Julia, Hope you like the bubble tea!

    We had a few of them here in Singapore.. and KOI Bubble Tea, is more of the famous brand, always with long queue..! =)

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