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Fitness First and I

Posted by on April 8, 2011

In my new year resolutions I panned to do sports two times a week. Everyone who knows me also knows that this was a high goal and obviously I was not able to actually do any sports at all. To my defense: I was also having final exams, moving out of my parent’s house renovating the apartment, … Bad excuses, I know. But that were the reasons I kept on kicking it down the road. Two weeks ago, I told myself I can’t keep going, summer is coming soon! Gotta get that hot bikini body haha 😀

So off I went to Fitness First Studio 1 in Frankfurt, right opposite my workplace. Perfect location, every time I go home without doing sport, I would see it and be reminded, having a bad conscious… hopefully. I got a really nice woman to explain me everything, Letizia. She tried very hard to convince me joining Fitness First, since I still was kinda skeptical, never having been to a fitness studio and also to pay a fortune for it. I mean, there’s a reason I did not want to join McFit in the first place and was not planning on doing so, I told myself either Fitness First or no fitness studio. McFit is right at Konstablerwache, very cheap but also full of these disgusting men that would stare at you all the time during working out, making stupid comments which just make you wanna leave instantly.

After a few days of thinking it all through, I went back to Fitness First, got an appointment with Letizia and joined! She kept on telling me that I wouldn’t regret it, and that I would know right after the start… Well, I was gonna find out soon!

Last Monday I had my first check-up – everything is fine, but my stamina is equal to zero… in the most red of all bars where bright green is the best… Also my percentage of fat is a little more than “allowed” at my age. Here was the proof that I really had to do something! After the checkup I did some workout on the cardio devices, feeling like flying in cotton wool when I was done! 😀 Letizia was right, working out really does make you feel better 🙂 Everytime I ever worked out doing jogging or so I felt like shit afterwards which is the reason I never kept going. But this was actually fun!

Thursday one of the trainers showed me some other devices for building up muscles, and wrote down a training routine for me. I started it right away and today my body is telling me happily: Thanks for the workout yesterday! 🙂

So.. I hope I’m able to keep up with my resolutions now, having also booked this one special where I get to spend 3×30 Minutes with a personal trainer and if I go there twice a week for 3 months I get my money back. If that’s no incentive I don’t know what is!

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