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Tree Climbing in Rüsselsheim

Posted by on May 19, 2011

Last year my dad turned 50 and like every other year it was really hard for me to come up with a present.
A few years back I won a model helicopter and I gave it to him for his birthday, knowing that he used to build model aircrafts for letting them fly in the field when I was much younger. I believe this was the best birthday gift I could ever have come up with and I won’t be able to top it because ever since he spends at least 2 evenings per week in the garage working on his model helicopters and goes out to let them fly when there’s nice weather . With this in mind, it just gets harder every year finding an appropriate present.
A colleague mentioned that I could look for tree climbing as he really enjoyed that and it would be something my dad and I could do together. I wasn’t sure whether that could be something nice he and I would enjoy because I am totally afraid of hights and he’s not a very sporty person. I just couldn’t imagine any of us climbing up the trees and having fun.
I soon found out that a new climbing parc (RheinMain Adventure Forest) opened up in our home town and I went to check it out online. Looking at the pictures for a while I started to think: Maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea after all?
We would both do something we would never do by ourselves and doing it together might be a great experience.
(just an example from Taunustipp how a tree climbing parc looks like)
Unfortunately the tree climbing parc closed soon already, being only open during the nice weather time of the year (mid-spring until mid-autumn).
Now, it is open again and I thought before my family moves to Seoul, South Korea, I better take the opportunity to spend another day with my dad and go tree climbing.
I was positively surprised when I got the the place since I remember it being empty and not taken care of when I was in my teenager years. Now they have quite done something out of this place! The mini golf place is back in usage, they have a lot of boule fields and there must have been some tournament that day we were there and they also installed various climbing paths in the trees and a big trampoline site.
We got our instructions on how to use the equipment which is not very difficult. There were a lot of kids climbing as well and there were extra children paths much lower than the difficult paths for adults in the trees as well.
My dad and I headed to the first path near the instruction area and this path was 6 meters off the ground. I came here to face my fear of hights so I thought 6 meteres would be a good start to do so. I went all the way up the ladder but I was unable to get on top of the platform. The hight made me get dizzy and I was unable to think clearly and put my hands were they were supposed to be. Thank god, my dad suggested to head for a lower path and I climbed down backwards immediately.
We then settled for the Pro-Children-Path which was about 2 meters off the ground and just perfect for us 🙂
It took us about 45 minutes to get through it all – the kids were much smaller as a lot of the parts were designed for smaller people and they seem to not be doing this the first time.
Nevertheless, my dad and I had great fun figuring out the best way to get to the next tree, waiting for each other and joking about how slowly and unsporty we are. It was an amazing afternoon and we finished it with an ice and some drinks in the beergarden right next to the climbing site.
It was definitely a great idea of my colleague to suggest this type of present for my dad. I know it has not been as good as the helicopter but it definitely is a present that will be a constant memory.
Regarding the fact that I moved out a few months back it felt really good to spend some quality time with my dad. I really do miss the times coming home in the afternoon, sitting by the desk with my parents and chatting about this and that. It’s gonna be even more difficult to talk to them once they are in a different time zone in Korea.
It’s funny, I wanted to move to Asia but was unable and now my whole family, that was pretty sad about my wish and tried to make me stay in Germany at first, is moving to Asia.
You never know what happens 🙂

4 Responses to Tree Climbing in Rüsselsheim

  1. Kuen

    Eh? You mean they are moving to Korea for good?? But why Korea?

  2. *Julia

    Not for good, just for 1-2 years. It's work related and they will come bank afterwards. They are looking forward to it 🙂 And I can't wait to visit them 😀

  3. Kuen

    Oh alright, maybe you can then convince them to hang around in Asia permanently then haha. Anyway, hope everything is good at your new home.

  4. *Julia

    Hehe i think my one sister is convinced already, she can't wait to go 😀
    Yes, thanks! Everything is good, it feels awesome to have an own place but i do miss the frequent family contact.

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