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Frankfurt – Night of the Museums 2011

Posted by on May 25, 2011

A few weeks back was the Night of the Museums in Frankfurt and I thought: Why not do something cultural in Frankfurt now that I live here?

Looking at the looong list of museums that were open that night until past midnight, it was quite hard to pick the most interesting as around 5 hours would not cover that many including all the walking in between them.

The final choice was the following:
Museum of Modern Art (Museum der Modernen Künste)
Schirn – Surreal Things (I’ve been to Schirn once before in Highschool when there was an exhibition about Psychodelic Arts and that one was great!)
Städelmusem (It has an exhibition showing paintings chronologically ordered from 14th century until today)

Starting with the Muesum of Modern Art, it started also with a big disappointment.
The whole building was full of photographs, and not even very special ones. One room was full of repeating photos of a show where it seems as if the photographer just took a photo every 5 seconds and then made a project of all those alike looking pictures. Regarding these photographs, I would never wanna watch this show.

One room I found quite disturbing. It was a room with photographs of naked children. The photographer was French which made it a little less shocking – but only a little. Naked children on photos?? What the hell?! 🙁

Moving on the Surreal Things exhibition at Schirn which was very crowded. We had to queue inside the museum to move forward. The exhibition was not very big but the art pieces quite exceptionally. Just have a look yourself at the following photos I took there:

Arriving at the Städelmuseum via ferry – it was on the other side of the Main river (transportation was free that night! also with all the busses ordered for this special night) – there was again a long queue. After waiting for about 20 minutes I finally reached the entrance to find it very hot and airless inside. Nevertheless I made my way through all centuries.

It was very interesting to see how the paintings evolved by time. In the beginning it was just Jesus, Maria, or bible scenes with a lot of gold used. This changed over time towards a lot of portraits but the first still life would not be until about a few centuries later. The paintings nearer to today were a little weird as you can see above.

I really enjoyed seeing the history of art but I was very disappointed to not see any representatives of my favorite epoches. I really love cubism, especially Picasso’s paintings. My favorite one is from Georges Braque: violin and jug (see below, from here).

Also, from school I am very familiar with impressionism and expressionism but none of that were present. I also didn’t see many paintings of any famous artists. There was a painting by Picasso but it was definitely one of the “cheaper” ones. It looked unfinished and I was unable to choose one kind of art he left an imprint on. I should definitely go back to this museum when I have more time to have a more detailed look at all the paintings and also when there are less people inside and more fresh air available. 🙂

2 Responses to Frankfurt – Night of the Museums 2011

  1. Kuen

    Art can be so creepy sometimes.

  2. *Julia

    Definitely! Especially the so called "Modern Art".
    I really prefer the older paintings – although some of those are creepy, too 🙂

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