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Arriving in San Francisco

Posted by on June 20, 2011
After an 11 hour flight plus a 4 hour stop-over in London I arrived in the U.S. for the very first time. I was so curious: Would I like it here? Would my worries about being confronted with brainwashed Americans come true? I have never been there and one should not base an opinion about a country’s citizens only on the few Americans met, the Germans coming back totally brainwashed or the news and stereotypes. So I threw all previous thoughts and worries overboard and started my long awaited vacation without any prejudices! I would not be disappointed…
I had my own personal tour guide with me who has lived in San Francisco and the Bay Area many years and so I’ve been shown everything one must see in S.F. and some other things tourists may not know of.
It started on the day after our arrival on Lombard Street which has a small part of serpentines on the road down. The habitants planted a lot of nice plants along the way since it’s such a famous spot. They also have an amazing view over S.F. and the sea. There was a vacant apartment in the middle of the road- it must be a great (but also expensive) place to stay at!

Our next stop was Pier39 and Fisherman’s Wharf. It felt so good seeing the ocean again! It also was an amazingly clear day and we were able to see the Golden Gate Bridge without ANY fog 🙂 – if you look closely you can see it in the left top corner in the picture of sea gulls below. A lot of people were jogging along the pier, it’s a much nicer scenery than jogging in the woods! I think I could actually enjoy jogging along the coast of the ocean…

One thing you must do when at Fisherman’s Wharf is to get a chowder clam! Trust me, it’s delicious – if you like seafood. The bread is made of sourdough: the sea gulls will like it just as much as you 😉
Below picture shows the view from the pier on a part of S.F. and the chocolate factory Ghirardelli. It’s chocolate is supposedly very good so we tried some – well, it was ok 😉 Nothing like Lindt!

Before dinner we walked through Chinatown for a while where we had a great dinner (oh how I missed eating crab…!) at R&G Lounge as well. It seems to be very common in California that when a restaurant is full you let your name be written down their list and they tell you when to come back (usually about 45 minutes from my experience during the whole trip). This always gives some time to explore the area around the restaurant and so we happened to find a small park where Chinese aunties played cards – obviously for money 😉

We arrived back home pretty exhausted and suffering from jet lag – but our itinerary already waited with more plans the next day! 🙂

2 Responses to Arriving in San Francisco

  1. Kuen

    I wish we have some of the place we have here in the pics. Scenery is what is lacking hehe

  2. *Julia

    I really like the scenery in Singapore 🙂

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