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Rain? So what! :)

Posted by on June 23, 2011

The next few days the weather would not be that good. Mostly cloudy but the Saturday was raining from the night until the next evening. Saaad! We played some boardgames (The Settlers of Catan – Cities and Knights) though, it’s been a while I did that and it was awesome 🙂 Somehow I felt like a kid again but then again: who said boardgames are only for kids, huh? 😉

Friday we went for mini golf at Golfland USA in Sunnyvale. I haven’t played mini golf in ages and was surprised at how good I actually was. Nevertheless I lost against my company but it was a fun game. There weren’t many people playing and so we never had to wait for the next track.

In the evening we went for a movie with some friends: Bridesmaids! Unfortunately I missed a few minutes in the middle because of my jet lag and red bull wasn’t kicking in as fast as I wanted it to (damn). It was a great movie, I was laughing a lot. Definitely recommended! 🙂

Saturday it was Dim Sum Day at Fu Lam Mum! Oh how I missed it and how I loved it! Especially all those prawn variations 🙂 And the dim sum in Mountain View was even better than the one I had in Hong Kong last year. Unbelievable!
I also tried the chicken feet. I was very brave. I ate two fingers… and I liked it! I felt really weird afterwards because I expected me to not like it because, well it’s feet! But it was good. I miss dim sum again already…

5 Responses to Rain? So what! :)

  1. Kuen

    Ah haha i still refuse to take chicken feet and ya making me very hungry!

  2. *Julia

    Have you ever tried? It tastes really good – but I guess it's the spices used. I don't think the feet itself have much taste. The tiny bones are a little annoying though… ^^

  3. Kuen

    Never! And i will not! Hahaha. Yeah i hate tiny bones, that's why i never like to eat fish unless it's fillet or something 😛 I have no skills and no patient for it and i have choked on the bones many times.

  4. *Julia

    uh-oh. ya then you better don't 🙂 needs a lot of patience…. haha

  5. Kuen

    Not gonna hah

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