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Golden Gate Park

Posted by on June 26, 2011

I spent a whole afternoon at the Golden Gate Park but since it is so huge, I was only able to cover maybe 20% of it… ^^
I went to the Japanese Tea Garden, the AIDS memorial and also to the exhibition Wicked Plants in one of their botanical gardens.
Along the way I came across a small area with very loud music where all kinds of people of all ages were rollerblading and dancing while rollerblading or -skating. They were all having so much fun that I had a lot of fun watching them as well.
The videos of the Skaters didn’t turn out that well so here are a few photos of my day at Golden Gate Park:

2 Responses to Golden Gate Park

  1. Elizabeth Kamaldin

    Hahas, aw… I love the pictures of the flowers:) (Minus the bug!) Haha:)

  2. *Julia

    thank you! it's not a bug, it's some kind of bee! took me forever to catch it, it was moving so quickly 😀

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