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Walk of Fame

Posted by on July 24, 2011

With only 2 more days in L.A. there was no question that one thing to see was the Hollywood Boulevard. I’ve always wondered if this street really was so special but when I was there it was just a random street but with a lot of stars on the sidewalk. The sidewalks were pretty narrow and sometimes it was even hard to see whose star it was because there were so many people walking. I found the star of Johnny Depp and so I was happy – mission accomplished! 😀

Afterwards Spencer’s friends signed us up for one of those Hollywood Tours where you get to see where the stars live. It was kinda disappointing because most houses we got to see USED to be homes of stars like Elvis for example and most houses are hiding behind big fences and trees. I don’t blame the stars, I would do it just the same. 🙂 Despite being disappointed by what we got to see during the tour, it was still great fun due to awesome company.

In the evening we got tickets for a Paul van Dyk concert. He definitely had his famous days before my time because all people there were much older than me. It was very interesting and sometimes amusing to see these 30+ people dressed up like they probably used to as teenagers. 🙂


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