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L.A. Pride Parade

Posted by on July 27, 2011

We were very lucky during our only 3 day stay in L.A. because on Sunday there was the Pride Parade almost right were we stayed in West Hollywood! Pride Parade is a little similar to Christopher Street day in Germany, but it’s more like those carnival parades. We got there when about half of the parade had already passed but we did see some interesting characters!

The first thing I noticed on the way were the Americans behind metal barriers (so they would be left alone) waving their big signs saying things like “Homosexuality makes you go to hell” etc. The LGTB did not really care about them, actually they made fun of them, posing in front of them, taking pictures. 🙂

The whole parade was with LGTB people and their supporters and relatives. Some transvestites were dressed up very nicely, others just… “interesting” 😉 Here’s a small collection of pride faces we saw at the parade that day:

Watching the parade was a very nice experience. Everyone was so happy, partying and celebrating and fighting for acceptance in the community. I could feel the pride of the parents walking in the parade that they had for their son and daughter whom they loved despite being different in the eyes of most people.

I missed the Christopher Street Day here in Frankfurt this year, I believe, but next year I might just go and have fun just like in L.A. this year. 🙂

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