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Santa Monica & Venice Beach

Posted by on July 30, 2011

When being in L.A. one obviously has to go to the famous beaches in Santa Monica and Venice Beach!

The top left picture is in Santa Monica. That beach was more like a place to go with your family, like any normal beach. We had the famous burgers there at a bar but unfortunately I forgot the name 🙁 I had some cheese toast – amazing!

We then took off to drive to Venice Beach and omg there’s a lot more to see and a lot more happening than in quite, nice Santa Monica! At Venice, there are so many crazy people running around, it’s simply fascinating. 🙂

Unfortunately Muscle Beach was closing just when we arrived, it’s also a famous spot at Venice Beach. There are usually loads of muscular guys working out, showing off their muscles – but it’s not like in a normal fitness studio since these guys there are quite some characters… 😀 I’ve been told there is also most of the time a doctor to prescribe Marihuana – since it’s legal to possess Marihuana in California when you have a prescription.

We hung around at the beach for quite a while but the water was a little cold. Nevertheless I took the opportunity to get a liiiittle tanned 🙂 When we headed back we noticed there’s a great basketball match coming up at the basketball court (Venice Basketball League) there and the game to come up was the champions of the past years in a row against a newcomer. We watched the whole game and it was very worth it. The newcomers were very good and it was a very very close game. The champions got kinda dirty in the end and won – maybe because of that but that’s only speculation. The commentator was also funny since he gave all the players nicknames that were very fitting.

I wish we stayed a little longer in L.A. – Venice Beach was definitely my famous spot which could also be because this is my summer holiday and that was the only time I actually felt like being on a summer holiday with warm weather, the sun shining and the ocean right in front of me… 😀

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  1. Hong Wei

    Wow.. a very nice place! =)

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