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San Francisco vs. Los Angeles

Posted by on August 4, 2011

This was my very first trip to the U.S. and the two weeks went by way too fast. I was a little bit scared of what would expect me with having the experience that some Americans believe everything the American News tell them and just think they are on top of the world no matter what. I also know people who lived in the U.S. for a while and they came back slightly brainwashed (they stayed in Alabama…).

I have only been to California now so I cannot say much about whole U.S. but about the places I have seen during my trip. I really like the people in California that I met but there was a difference between San Francisco and Los Angeles in my eyes.

I fell in love with San Francisco right from the start. The people are very liberal, open minded and very diverse with a lot of different cultures living there whereas Los Angeles was also liberal and diverse but I am not so sure about open minded so much as I felt judged the moment I stepped out on the street. In San Francisco everyone just got accepted the way they are and in L.A. I got the feeling people look at you guessing where you get your hair done and whether you had a boob job and where you might have got it (I’m exaggerating now 🙂 ).

One thing I noticed in general is that Americans are always nice and open to have a little chit-chat. I absolutely love the American customer service and Germany can definitely learn a lot from that. I even caught myself being a little unfriendly because I was just so used to that from Germany. I immediately felt horrible afterwards and was ashamed that it even happened.

I would always go back to San Francisco, I love the lower sunset, the Golden Gate Park and I really like the atmosphere of the Bay Area being more like where I come from. I could actually imagine myself living there. Los Angeles I would also go back but more for a vacation. I don’t think I could be happy staying there for a longer period of time feeling judged all the time.

Two things I know for sure:

  • Don’t prejudge a country on a few countrymen you have met
  • America, I’ll be back! 😉

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