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Köln (Cologne)

Posted by on August 27, 2011

Kölner Dom - the dome of Cologne

About 1 year and a half ago I was in Singapore for quite some time. During my stay I traveled to Hong Kong (see blog post) together with my friend from Uni, Thomas, and Caro who we got to know in Singapore doing an internship in a Biology lab.

I’ve seen Thomas at uni, obviously, but we have not seen Caro ever since we left Singapore in spring 2010. We decided it should be about time to meet up again and so we did. We visited Caro in Bonn where she studies her Masters and after doing some sigh seeing in Bonn on Saturday we drove to Cologne on Sunday since it’s just around the corner.

parts of the old city walls go through a parking house

Caro was our personal tour guide, she knew things we would have never seen like going downstairs into the parking house in front of the dome because parts of the old city walls are still there.

repairs of WWII damages

the famous bridge where couples put a lock and throw the key together behind themselves into the Rhine

The picture above and below show the Hohenzollern Bridge not far away from the dome. The bridge is mainly famous for the love padlocks that have been put on the one side (some artist once started it so that the bridge would look nicer) by couples. They are a romantic symbol of true love. 🙂


the modern child...?

interesting way to lock up your bike!

thank you, Caro, for this great weekend!


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