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Silla – Korean BBQ in Frankfurt

Posted by on October 2, 2011

I had my first Korean BBQ in Santa Clara, USA, and I totally loved it – waiting for an opportunity to have some again!

And here it came 🙂 My cousin’s boyfriend lived in Korea for 3 years and met up with former classmates in Frankfurt for dinner. They went to Silla, a Korean BBQ at Kennedyallee in Sachsenhausen, and totally loved it due to the good and original food. With that recommendation I had to try it as well and so we went there last night.

the BBQ grill

It was a little different than the BBQ in the U.S. because they had different side dishes and we also ordered some other dishes (pancake with seafood as a starter and some noodles with a brown sauce – sorry but I am unable to remember those Korean names for the dishes…). For meat we had some fat pork, beef ribs without bones and marinated beef. All of it was purely amazing – we ate so much we were hardly able to walk afterwards 😀

the side dishes and the noodles on the very left

The following video has been taken at Silla, and it also shows how Korean BBQ is eaten, for those who never had it before 🙂

So, if you love Korean BBQ and are in Frankfurt – Silla is a must-do! 😉

4 Responses to Silla – Korean BBQ in Frankfurt

  1. Kuen

    I’m watching this at 1am and feeling really hungry.

  2. Julia*

    supper time! 🙂

  3. Kuen

    Haha they don’t serve korean BBQ for supper!

  4. Kuen

    Hey how have you been?

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