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Hamburg – St. Pauli, hot corners and the old Elbtunnel

Posted by on March 30, 2012

In January I’ve been to Hamburg for a 5-day seminar. The great thing about this seminar was that the manager of the seminar actually made plans for every evening to get to know Hamburg as well!

I’ve been to Hamburg before, but I saw a lot of new things during this week. We had a tour arranged where someone from Hamburg went with us through St. Pauli and explained us the history. It was quite interesting as it is now the area where the red light district is as well (the “Kiez”). Did you know there is also a separate district for male prostitutes? I know now 😉 It’s a bit hidden in a parallel street to the main street through St. Pauli.

musical stage

One evening we also went to a Musical called “Heisse Ecke” (Hot Corner). It’s about an imbiss on the Kiez during 24 hours. It shows all the different kind of people and stories happening in one day at one place. It was not only about the prostitutes, also about Hen’s Night / Bachelor Party, tourists stopping by, locals, drug users, a fence and so on. All those people’s stories where somewhat intertwined with another which made it even more interesting and funny. The music was good as well 🙂 All in all a must see in Hamburg to get to know some character of Hamburg – but only if you understand German… 😉

There’s an old tunnel underneath the Elbe which can be reached by foot, bicycle AND car! Cars need to use an elevator to get down and it’s only open for cars during a very specific time frame each day. The hight of the tunnel used to be determined by the hight of a carriage and the driver holding up the whip. The top of the whip should not reach the top of the tunnel so it’s just a bit higher than that 🙂

old Elbtunnel

All in all a great week despite a lot of rain!



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