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Visiting Gustav Klimt in Vienna

Posted by on July 8, 2012

A short weekend trip is better than no vacation at all – but I come to realize that just a weekend is not enough to visit those bigger cities in Europe because you can only cover a fraction of it.

So when my friend and I visited Vienna we had to prioritize. Since seeing Gustav Klimt’s famous painting “The Kiss” was the reason to actually go to Vienna in the first place, we made this weekend a “Klimt-Weekend” – trust me you do not get tired of finding museums covering his art! It is his 150th anniversary this year and so there are a total of 10 museums with Klimt exhibitions but we only went to three and that was already quite challenging. Unfortunately I did not take any pictures of his art as it was always forbidden in those exhibitions. There were quite a number of people that managed to get a shot of “The Kiss” but I was so fascinated by the painting itself that I did not care whether I had a picture or not – it would not have been able to capture its whole beauty. I got a postcard instead and for anyone who might now wonder how this painting looks like:

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt (picture from Wikipedia)

After a relaxing breakfast with Wiener Melange (Viennese coffee) we took off to the Muesums Quartier which is a quarter with multiple museums in one place, starting with our first museum, the Leopold Museum which hosted the “Klimt Persönlich” exhibition (“Klimt up close and personal“).

entrance to Leopold Museum

From the entrance we had a great view into the courtyard of the Museums Quartier:

View over the courtyard at Museums Quartier

We then walked through the gardens of the Hofburg where a demonstration took place for Tibet prisoners, according to some people we asked there along the way.









Tibet Demonstrations

Tibet Demonstrations










horse-drawn carriage – a very common thing around the Hofburg











Afterwards we went to the next museum, the Albertina. It also had an exhibition about Klimt (what a surprise!) which was showing his drawings he did prior to a lot of his paintings. I must say, this exhibition was very interesting but I’d have preferred to see a some his paintings which we were to see the following day beforehand which were then drawn from his drawings. It would have been even more interesting to know what was to become of his sketches!

stairs of Monet’s water lilies are leading to Albertina’s entrance

Albertina – old rooms from rich people (I did not really bother to find out who used to live there… 🙁 )

Albertina – old rooms from rich people (I did not really bother to find out who used to live there… 🙁 )














After this second museum’s tour it was time for a MUST-DO in Vienna: Sachertorte!!! It’s a cake which consists mainly of chocolate. We wanted to sit down in the café where it originally got invented (Hotel Sacher)but the line to get seated was way to long. We therefore decided to get two small pieces of cake and sit down in the pedestrian area and eat it there – well you can surely believe we started to feel sick from this amount of chocolate already after a few bites! 😀 Nevertheless.. This cake is AWESOME. It does not really seem so special but once you’ve taken a bite you know it is… 🙂


On the next day we did only do as much as go to Belvedere which consists of two big baroque houses that are museums each. We went to the upper Belvedere to see another Klimt exhibition which then included the famous “The Kiss”.

Upper Belvedere entrance

statue at upper Belvedere

View from upper Belveder down to the lower Belvedere

Some further impressions from the weekend in Vienna below, there are still so many sites I have yet to see in Vienna. When I was going through my travel book for Vienna on the plane, marking everything I want to see, my neighbor asked me how long I was in Vienna… He expected me to say at least 1+ week and was laughing at me when I told him it was just a weekend… haha!

Russian War Memorial

an artistic piece in the middle of Vienna

lavender at some market

the main shopping street – abandoned on a Sunday 🙂

where I had the best asparagous soup in the whole wide world – Augustinerkeller below Albertina

2 Responses to Visiting Gustav Klimt in Vienna

  1. Kuen

    Vienna looks like a nice place to visit. Oh it’s very near to Germany right?

    • Julia*

      Yes, it is indeed very nice 🙂
      It is right below Germany, in the South East!

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