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Italia – mi sei mancato!

Posted by on December 3, 2012

Camping Marina di Venezia / Camping Mediterraneo, Punta Sabbioni / Treporti.

That’s where I spent basically every single summer of my first 18 years. It’s been Mediterraneo all my early years, my grandparents used to go there for decades. When we got our first dog we had to switch to Marina di Venezia, the only campsite allowing dogs in that area. Now it’s been 7 years I haven’t been there, exploring the world – probably due to not having seen much in my youth – and nostalgia brought me back last summer.

My sister and I spent there one week quite spontaneously, taking the only opportunity of a holiday this summer that was left. After driving the whole day, being stuck in a traffic jam throughout whole Austria, arriving in the late evening on an already full campsite and spending the night in the car on a park side outside the campsite, we were able to enter the following morning, build up the tent and head to the beach just before it started to rain. It was no good start but it already felt like vacation, lying on that familiar beach we already built so many sandcastles and searched for that perfect seashell we never found.

Sister & me

Monday was my birthday and I couldn’t have it imagined any better. My sister prepared an amazing breakfast with rolls, coffee and a birthday “cake” while I was still asleep. My sister is the best! After a thorough breakfast we headed to the harbor for our day trip to the islands Burano, Murano and Venice.

embroidered umbrellas in Burano

Burano is famous for their embroidery but I was more fascinated by the cute little houses, each painted in a different color, and narrow alleys when leaving the main, touristy, ways. Trust me, photos do not capture the beauty of this island, but I tried.

random street in Burano

souvenir shop in Burano

Murano is famous for their glas manufacturing and beside that the island was pretty boring I have to say. Maybe because I was too much looking forward to getting to Venice again?

Sister and me in Murano

painter in Venice

I love Venice. I don’t remember how many day trips I’ve been there already, every time loving it more. Walking through the alleys I’m always reminded of the thrilling chases by night in the childhood book Der Herr der Diebe by Cornelia Funke (The Thief Lord). One day I must spend a night in Venice, it must be amazing. This time, the day trip was very different to the others because it was off season and the island seemed empty compared to the usual summer days. Piazza San Marco was almost empty and there was so much space on the Rialto bridge, incredible. It was also perfect for some photo taking without having too many tourists around. 🙂

view from the Rialto bridge

Rialto Bridge

Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco

The rest of the holiday my sister and I spent either at the beach, at the pool or in the tent due to a rain storm. We arrived in the rain and we left with rain. Nevertheless, we had some really nice days in between and it felt so good to have been back and to have been camping again. Now it’s time for some more adventurous holidays again! 🙂

stormy welcome – stormy goodbye!

going home (Burano)

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