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Fire and Water (Koh Tao)

Posted by on May 13, 2014

Today would be the day that I finally dived again. It’s been more than a year since I dived in open water and I was counting the minutes. 

We packed our gear in the morning after breakfast and left with a speed boat for the huge boat to bring us to the dive sites around half past 12 noon. I have never been on such a big boat for diving before and unfortunately we had to jump from the front side down into the water. I’m afraid of heights and I was dying at the thought of jumping 2-3 metres down into the water. It took me a couple of minutes to dare the jump but I did it and it wasn’t that bad after all so luckily it wasn’t a problem any more for the second dive. 🙂

 I got very sea sick on the boat and it got even worse on the surface of the sea but once we descended down for the deep dive I was fine. Thank god! I absolutely enjoyed being under water again and didn’t care that this dive as well as the second one were the most boring dive sites I’ve ever been to. Nothing special to see, quite disappointing.

fish under corals at koh tao

find the fish

anemones with fish at koh tao

no nemos in the anemones 🙁

corals with christmas trees at koh tao

christmas trees on corals

The second dive was the navigation dive and after the students did their exercises the instructor let us buddy up and finish the rest of the dive on our own while he went back up to the boat. I thought this was quite irresponsible, given the fact that the other two students only just finished their open water course yesterday and also my friend has only logged 7 dives so far. If anything unexpected was to happen (chances weren’t that low with a nest of trigger fishes within the dive site) there wouldn’t be anyone in reach. My friend was glad that I was diving with him, otherwise he probably would have said something. Tomorrow, it seems to be a similar procedure for the two dives during the day. I don’t understand how someone can leave their students dive on their own without much experience at an unknown dive site… Even I myself have never dived at an unknown dive site on my own so far, this was the very first time without a guide. Welcome to Thailand, I guess?

Talking about irresponsibility, it’s crazy what drunk people do when they are numb from alcohol… In the evenings the Thai take out fire sticks and ropes for a show on the beach which leads to a jumping rope on fire for the tourists to jump with. Obviously, some tripped and hurt themselves on the firy rope and went to cool down in the ocean (infecting the wounds with the salt water…). This wasn’t the end, though. After the rope they did limbo, again with a stick on fire, and everyone who made it got a shot. Same procedure with a ring on fire to jump through. I don’t want to know how these guys looked this morning with their feet and more having burnt wounds. Crazy people…

rope on fire at koh tao

firing up the rope…

jumping through the ring on fire

jumping through the ring on fire


3 Responses to Fire and Water (Koh Tao)

  1. Kuen

    Hey be on the lookout for some riot when you get to Vietnam. Not sure if you are heading that way and they are not targetting caucasians anyway but you don’t wanna be caught in the crossfire.

    • Julia*

      thanks for the heads up! I’ll be going to Ho Chi Minh first though and traveling upwards so I’ll only be in Hanoi in about 2 weeks.

      • Kuen

        You are welcome! 2 weeks is pretty long to be hiding from danger lol, hope there isn’t any though. I’ll update you of any news from my side if i can.

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