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Wreck Diving at HTMS Sattakut, Koh Tao

Posted by on May 16, 2014

Two days ago was my last full day on Koh Tao. Three dives were planned, first a wreck dive followed by a fun dive with some tips on diving backwards and a night dive in the evening.

I was very excited for my first wreck dive. We would not dive through it but I have not yet seen a wreck under water before, just that tiny boat in the lake at Mannheim Rheinau and load of bathroom ceramics like toilets and bathtubs last year at Koh Phi Phi. I wondered how big it would be and how much corals and fish had already made it their home while the instructor explained that the dive site is much more interesting when the vis is not that good and one cannot see the whole wreck at once. We were very lucky in that way as the vis was really not that good, already noticable on the first metres when we descended. I had some trouble going down with my ears as usual on a second day of diving but also made it down after a few more minutes.

The wreck was fascinating with its two canons, one in the front and one in the back, but it was not that big and even though only 2-3 more small dive groups were at the same site it was pretty crowded. A baby mooray eel was hiding on one side of the wreck but apart from that only few fish and hardly any corals were around. Nevertheless it was an exciting dive 🙂

htms sattakut wreck at koh tao

htms sattakut wreck at koh tao

canon htms sattakut wreck at koh tao

one of the canons of the wreck

I paused for the second dive as I was worried about my ear making trouble again and slept on the top of the boat while the others left for another dive. I was a little sad I didn’t get to try the backwards diving but I will try it back home in the pool at the latest as it will come quite handy when taking close up photos under water.

After we went back to Koh Tao for dinner and a short break we left again for the night dive. As it was full moon we did not necessarily need the torches. Actually I could see much better when we had them switched off… 😀

The night dive wasn’t that pleasant as we were lead up and down all the time. I don’t like such kind of dives, especially with my ears being quite sensitive to depth changes. It was quite nice to see a few puffer fish and blue spotted sting rays though, much more spectacular than anything else I saw the previous 3 dives.

My friend and I joined some other German backpackers / tourists on the beach after we logged our dives, almost everyone else had left the island for partying at the Full Moon Party at Koh Phang An. We saw all those poeple returing to Koh Tao in the morning at the pier – all without exception looked completely destroyed, dressed in neon shirts and having neon drawings on their skin. I had been at the Full Moon Party last year, in retrospect it was just something to tick off the bucket list. It was amazing to go up a balcony and view all those people partying on the beach and joining them as well for a few hours dancing in black light but all in all it was pretty shocking and crazy to see all these people being drugged and high on god knows what.

Right now I’m sitting at the airport in Bangkok, waiting to board my plane to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. I’m looking forward to seeing a new country and culture and to my first real Vietnamese meal tonight. 🙂

Sawadee Kaa, Thailand!

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  1. Kuen

    Funny thing was i read in another report that being Chinese (non-china chinese) is ok as long as you speak English lol

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