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Saigon Nights

Posted by on May 19, 2014

I’ve arrived in Ho Chi Minh City on Friday evening and got welcomed by being ripped off by a taxi driver. I managed to lower the price by 50% but I’m still 100% sure I payed way too much since our hostel has over priced tours and transportation and is charging only a little more to get to the airport as well.

I’m staying at the Saigon Backpackers Hostel nearby the famous backpacking street. Apparently they had bed bugs before but since the room I’m staying at just got sprayed and cleaned everything was fine. I had no issue during my nights there. I met a girl in my dorm room and she joined me for dinner outside before we went to bed. I wanted to have some Pho which was more difficult than I thought. We ended up at a place that actually turned out to have a German menu and another restaurant in Berlin and I ordered my Pho, expecting a noodle soup with loads of herbs including coriander. Oh, I was so longing to have that coriander! 🙂 

Well, there must have been some misunderstanding in the ordering process as they brought me a plate full of noodles. No Soup. I told them that I thought I had ordered a Pho and that it’s a noodle soup and so they kindly took it back to bring the noodle soup. It was alright but it had no coriander. Honestly, I have not seen any coriander here so far, even though it’s advertised with the Vietnamese food everywhere. I would have to try again for Pho.

The second night in Saigon I went out with four girls that were staying at my dorm room as well. Two were from Singapore but originally Kasach and Chinese and the other two were from America and from Poland but she’s been living in the UK. The Chinese had got a tip for the best Pho in whole Ho Chi Minh and we went to look for the place. It took us forever to find it, wandering in circles and asking for the address again and again. While we were searching for the place we found some kind of festival / concert happening at the park and there was amazing Vietnamese dancing and singing. I didn’t understand anything except for “Viet Nam” and “Ho Chi Minh” and it turned out that they were celebrating Ho Chi Minh’s birthday.

We passed the lower end of the Ben-Thanh-Market, to which I definitely have to go back to walk over and have a look, and after a couple more corners we finally made it to the Pho Tony Hung restaurant. The tip wasn’t bad, the Pho was really exceptionally good, we all took the Pho Special. Unfortunately, the service was anything but good, they even tried to trick us with the bill by adding more food to it than we actually ate. Could have been an honest mistake…

After dinner I went to book my Mekong Delta tour and rejoined the rest for a couple cocktails at Pham Ngu Lao street. They had 2 for the price of 1, so we could not refuse the offer. After the drinks some went on to a Salsa place to end the night there but having in mind to get up shortly past 6am for the Mekong Delta tour and still having to pack my bag etc. I went back to the hostel with another girl who booked an early tour in the morning.


Well, I’ll be back for one more night after the tour… 🙂



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