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Diving Vietnam (Nha Trang)

Posted by on May 26, 2014

Being left so unsatisfied with the diving at Koh Tao last week, I was really looking forward to the diving in Vietnam. I initially wanted to go to Hon Ong (Whale Island) but since there is only one resort, and that one on the more pricier side, and the dive centers corrected the wrong advertisement for whale sharks online, I decided to just give it a try in Nha Trang itself.

I booked 2 dives with the Rainbow Divers as they are very present online and recommended in various places. One of the Canadians ended up joining me for the day as he just learned diving a month ago in Koh Tao and fell in love with diving just as I did almost 5 years ago (can’t believe it’s already been that long…).

We had one guide to ourselves who is local and has had already many thousand dives in the area. Since the water wasn’t that warm as in Koh Tao we had to wear a full 3mm wet suit and even though preferred to stay a little further up were the water was just above 22°C. The nice and pretty corals were in the more shallow parts anyways. 🙂

I really enjoyed the dives, there was so much to see and everything was so colorful, especially the corals itself due to being so close to the surface. We did a couple of swim throughs as well and saw a few very surreal things. 

Madonna Rock lion fish

lion fish

Madonna Rock underwater cemetary

underwater cemetary

Madonna Rock bubbling corals

bubbling corals

Mama Hahn Beach nudibranch


Mama Hahn Beach egg cawrie

underwater egg cawrie 

Mama Hahn Beach mantis shrimp

mantis shrimp

Mama Hahn Beach lizard fish

lizard fish

Mama Hahn Beach colorful corals

colorful corals

I don’t know why it is not that known that diving in Vietnam is purely awesome but I didn’t mind as that also meant not too many divers in the dive sites and pretty intact coral gardens. It’s definitely worth giving it a try when in Vietnam!

Rainbow Divers itself are recommendable as well in terms of service during the dives, they took good care of my equipment as well. However, I was very disappointed that I still had to pay the full price even though I did bring part of my own equipment but they insisted of charging the exact same price disregarding whether their equipment was used or not…

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