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Los Angeles

San Francisco vs. Los Angeles

This was my very first trip to the U.S. and the two weeks went by way too fast. I was a little bit scared of what would expect me with having the experience that some Americans believe everything the American News tell them and just think they are on top of the world no matter … Continue reading »

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Santa Monica & Venice Beach

When being in L.A. one obviously has to go to the famous beaches in Santa Monica and Venice Beach! The top left picture is in Santa Monica. That beach was more like a place to go with your family, like any normal beach. We had the famous burgers there at a bar but unfortunately I … Continue reading »

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L.A. Pride Parade

We were very lucky during our only 3 day stay in L.A. because on Sunday there was the Pride Parade almost right were we stayed in West Hollywood! Pride Parade is a little similar to Christopher Street day in Germany, but it’s more like those carnival parades. We got there when about half of the … Continue reading »

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Walk of Fame

With only 2 more days in L.A. there was no question that one thing to see was the Hollywood Boulevard. I’ve always wondered if this street really was so special but when I was there it was just a random street but with a lot of stars on the sidewalk. The sidewalks were pretty narrow … Continue reading »

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Disney Land Los Angeles

I believe one cannot buy happiness – but Disney sure tries selling it. At first I didn’t want to go to Disney Land, thinking it would be only for kids. I am so glad I changed my mind because I didn’t see many of these people dressed up like Peter Pan or Cinderella. For me … Continue reading »

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